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Event Minds Training offers an extensive range of practical skills development courses to event and media professionals around the world. 


                 Action Learning Techniques are incorporated extensively to ensure that case studies,

                 exercises, tools are developed by delegates to be used in their jobs the minute they return to

                 the office.  


                 Experienced Course Leaders ensuring up to date content and experiences are

                 incorporated.  Please click here to see course leader profiles.


                 One Months 'On-Demand Coaching' enabling 'hotline' based support for delegates from

                 their course leader after the course tohelp apply skills and techniques learned to live situations.

                 For further details, please click here


                 Individual Needs Assesments with each delegate prior to attending the course to ensure

                 the course is tailored to incorporate skill and sector based content for all delegates.


                 Limited Class Sizes to ensure each delegate receives individual attention and allowing the

                 course leader to adjust content and pace according to group needs.


                 Complete Snapshot Survey Results for your own drilling & analysis (excl. participant

                  names and contact details for obvious reasons!) please click here for current & future EM




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The most cost effective method of training 1 - 4 members of a team with the addes benefit of discussing best practice, sharing experiences and networking with peers from other organisers.


Upcoming Courses:


       Introduction to Exhibition Sales (click title for details)

       London, India        


       Effective Exhibition Sales (click title for details)                    

       London, Dubai, India 


       Maximising Sponsorship Sales for Exhibitions, Conferences & Events (click title for details)

       London, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, India 


 For the full Open Courses Schedule and Price List, please click here



Coming Soon:


       Maximising Sponsorship Sales for Sports Events & Venues



       Delegate Sales Masterclass

       London, Dubai, Singapore, India


       Event Marketeers Masterclass

       London, Dubai, India 



 For the full Open Courses Schedule and Price List, please click here


  In-House Courses


 In-House training is cost effect method of developing the skills of 4 o more member of an organisatio or team which enables complete personalisation of content.  Further outline details of Event Minds In-House proposition can be found by clicking here


Or contact JohnSumner@Event-Minds.com to discuss your needs.  

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