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OVERVIEW - Effective Exhibition Sales (Refresher)


This half-day 'refresher' course provides a forum for delegates to focus on refining core sales skills and discuss best practice techniques to help maximise the effectiveness of their daily exhibition sales activity.


From re-visiting the basics of the exhibition value proposition and sales process to refining objection handling and closing tecniques, 'Effective Exhibition Sales' offer delegates a rare chance to step away from the day-to-day pressures of delivering results and to focus on developing their skills and techniques.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND - Effective Exhibition Sales (Refresher)


This course builds on existing knowledge and experience so it is recommended that delegates fit at least one of the following backgrounds:

           > More than six months exhibition sales experience

           > One years advertising sales experience in an alternative media space e.g. online or publishing 


CONTENTS - Effective Exhibition Sales (Refresher)

This practical half-day course focus's on the refining the core skills used to secure sales revenue from exhibitors, focussing on:


Re-Cap:            Why Exhibitors Invest in


Skills Focus:      Getting past the gatekeeper


Skills Focus:      Objection Handling


Skills Focus:      Closing

All delegates on this course benefit from:


1) Comprensive pre-course needs assesment allowing the trainer to tailor content, case studies and exercises to individual needs and prospect markets.


2) 1 months 'On Demand Coaching' after the course enabling delegates to enroll the help of trainers in applying the skills and techniques learned after 'graduation'.


3) 'Active Learning' training techniques that ensure exercise outputs are applicable to delegates real life, current 'pitches' and 'proposals'.


4) Trainers with genuine sponsorship sales experience and closing histories at deal ranges from £1,500 - £250,000.


5) Strictly limited class sizes to ensure individual benefits to all delegates, no course will exceed 12 delegates.

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