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 OVERVIEW - Maximising Sponsorship Sales for Conferences, Exhibitions and Events

Maximising Sponsorship Sales for Conferences, Exhibitions and Events has been designed to provide sponsorship sales professionals with a unique forum in which to develop the knowledge, practical skills and tools necessary to identify, leverage and maximise each and every sponsorship opportunity possible.

From understanding the value proposition, identifying prospects and marketing to them to negotiating packages, handling objections and closing the deal, this course builds on the basic skills all media sales professionals have to ensure revenue generating opportunities are maximised, targets exceeded and clients expectations are satisfied.

      CONTENTS - Maximising Sponsorship Sales for Conferences, Exhibitions and Events



         Exploring the sponsorship value proposition

                               - Why clients buy sponsorship (exercise)

                               - The role of sponsorship within the marketing mix (case study)

                               - Identifying & profiling different types of sponsorship buyer (exercise)


         Defining sponsorship opportunities and structuring packages

                               - Exploring the 'FAB Universe' (exercise)

                               - Defining package hierachies for maximum revenue (group discussion)

                               - Pricing sponsorship inclusively and flexibly (case studies)

                               - Working with internal stakeholders to maximise features (group discussion)

                               - Leveraging horizontal sales strategies (case studies)


         Identifying and researching suspects and prospects

                                 - Identifying and profiling suspects (group discussion)

                                 - Developing prospects frm suspects (exercise)


         Engaging with prospects effectively and strategically

                                  - Developing the strategic value proposition (exercise)

                                  - Structuring & communicating the strategic value proposition (exercise)

                                  - Key features of successful proposals (case studies)


        Securing the best deal for all parties

                                  - Top tips for objection handling (exercise)

                                  - Effective negiation skills (exercise)

                                  - Leveraging vallue add from the sopnsor (case study)

                                  - Preparing for & executing 'the up-sell' (exercise)


         Maximising the onsite experience for the rebook

                                   - Building a 'Meet & Greet Checklist' (exercise)

                                   - Top tps for preparing & securing the rebook (exercise)


         Building a long term relationship

                              - Understanding ROI from the clients perspective (case study)

                              - Managing Expectations: positioning KPI's (exercise)

                              - Tools for 'cross selling' and 'portfolio sales' (exercise) 


All delegates on this course benefit from:


1) Comprensive pre-course needs assesment allowing the trainer to tailor content, case studies and exercises to individual needs and prospect markets.


2) 1 months 'On Demand Virtual Coaching' after the course enabling delegates to enroll the help of trainers in applying the skills and techniques learned after 'graduation'.


3) 'Active Learning' training techniques that ensure exercise outputs are applicable to delegates real life, current 'pitches' and 'proposals'.


4) Trainers with genuine sponsorship sales experience and closing histories at deal ranges from £1,500 - £250,000.


5) Strictly limited class sizes to ensure individual benefits to all delegates, no course will exceed 12 delegates.


"Gordon was extremely knowledgable, well paced and flexible"                                                        Clare Hardcastle, Conference and Exhibition Organiser, CILIP   click here for more testimonials



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